Sunday, June 12, 2016

TPTB are Prepping OOSSAA (USA) for Civil Unrest/WAR

Ok.  I overslept and have not even READ about this incident which filled my inbox and is even on the top story on my lame arse local newspaper. The mass shooting in Orlando.

Like I said, I haven't even read any of the accompanying articles, just the screaming headlines, and as usual, I am going to riff, going off my gut here.  THIS IS A GUN GRAB, end of it.

Yesterday, before I even had my cup of coffee, my youngest daughter came in saying," she was depressed because some singer was shot and killed the night before."  To which I had memories of when Rebecca Schaeffer was shot and killed by her stalker, BUT THIS ISN'T THE 1980's. Chit like this doesn't happen after 9/11. And if it does, it's because odds are, IT WAS MEANT TO.  However, one thing I've noticed, and mind you I only read the news, I don't watch it, but here's what I seemingly noticed the past week; the Tel Aviv coverage didn't even make it to top page news, not even middle, the controlled explosion in front of the Israeli Embassy in London didn't even make front page news, the child that was shot and killed, at first hardly made more than one article, but then some were added by last night.  Then I wake up to this!

Here's the deal people, as I've already stated, Shillary has the POTUS position, and it was probably decided ages ago. Now, again, as I already noted in another post, who are going to be the ones who truly go ape chit (not that that wouldn't be a proper response from people "waking up" to the reality that we don't have a's just these sorts are definitely going to go about it the wrong way)?  The Trumper's.

The revolution is upon us.  People want to build a wall?  I want to build a wall protecting myself from them!  I'm not joking.  Around my whole town, and the farmlands surrounding (I visualized this plan after reading One Second After many moons ago).  At least I can deal with the people here, even those with opposing views from mine.

Alright peeps.  Have a blessed day.  And probably, find somewhere that YOU feel safe.  The time is nigh.

Still haven't read the articles, but I did just now see the  front page, and from the supposed shooter's pic alone, YUP!  False Flag.  It's a gun grab.  Pledge allegiance to ISIS? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL wake me when "Isis" hit's a NON-ISLAMIC country, such as, ahhh, Israhell.  I'm not going to read the articles, it's FOR SURE a mossad hit. Just because something is a false flag doesn't mean I don't think people lost their lives, because we are Goy's we mean nothing to these people. But this guaranteed is a false flag to get the guns out of people's hands before shillary takes her reign.

PROOF check out these links and decide for yourself

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