Monday, June 19, 2017

Healing for Profit vs. Healing for Health

Currently, I'm finishing up the book, Signs, Curses and Witchery, by Gerald C. Mines about German Appalachian Folklore.  It is quite the interesting book and I do recommend it, though, I'd definitely suggest reading both, The Pow-Wow Book and The Red Church or The Art of Pennsylvania German Braucherei first.  But, here's what I really want to share, as I always catch so much grief from others for not adhering to western medicine; the healing with herbs, barks, the mind, spirit, etc., which had been absolutely prevalent for all of America, up until the beginning of the last century, and I want to propose a reason as to why it isn't anymore.  Actually, healing without the use of western medicine is today, almost balancing on a fine line of being outright illegal.

West Virginia is a beautiful state.  I was lucky enough to visit Summersville Lake a couple of times many years ago.  We had rented a pontoon boat and spent many blissful days larking about and swimming in crystal clear waters.  Sure, it was then the home of the largest white supremacist group on the east coast, but that didn't bother me.  I loved it so much, I had even looked into properties down there, but stopped, immediately when I found out that they have "mandatory vaccination." That means, no religious exemption, or philosophical, or even medical (basically, it's tough to even get a medical exemption).  This applies for homeschool, public school and private school kids.

Back to the book, much of the author's research was done in West Virginia and on it's natives, of all descents.  It's peoples are actually very mixed - much to the chagrin of the white supremacists I'm sure.  These people had been handed down knowledge of plants, herbs, barks, etc., from their elders, who themselves learned from their elders, and so on and so forth.  And what the common sentiment was, much as with many indigenous people, is that God has made it as such that "everything here has it's purpose and reason, in every season."    **There is a children's book called, The Shaman's Apprentice, by Lynn Cherry, which exudes this perfectly.  There's the pdf link, however, the book itself offers cool drawings and descriptions of some of the different herbs, barks, etc. in the front and back pages of the book.

Here's what I am getting at; these people, much like the people in the amazon rainforest (in The Shaman's Apprentice) relied on what God had growing around them, often combined with energy, spirit, their minds, for healing, since the beginning of time really.  Then the "medical establishment" began, and with that, began their warpath to destroy any form of healing that wouldn't line their pockets. 

I'm not slandering western medicine, even though I do abhor "the establishment," which includes the medical establishment - for myself,  however, I do propose, YOU do what is RIGHT FOR YOU.  Just remember, from it's inception, one side of the coin was intent on $$$$ money, green , cha-ching, whereas the other, was solely about healing.

I'd like to add, those people who always laugh at me for not ever vaccinating any of my kids (going on 21+ yrs now), and who ALWAYS then imply how much smarter they are than me, NEVER KNOW about vaccination exemptions.  They're always shocked to find out there is even such a thing as vaccination exemption.  But they're the smart ones, ok.

Lastly, WV folklore runs deep, so they would have been dangerous to "the establishment."  Hence, the mandatory vaccinations.  Often, people such as they, will get mocked by society for being hillbillies, dumb, etc. when in fact they are just the opposite. They harbor knowledge, (such as with the various plants, barks, spells, etc) that few could understand or know.  Just some food for thought.


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