Monday, June 26, 2017

Pedophilia Thrives Amongst the Elite

I'm solejahway (I had a high end hemp shop in 2007 called solejahway aka only God's way).

Everyone knows that I know this chit is all real, from first hand knowledge, because of what I went through with my youngest daughter here, in Lancaster County, PA.  She was being trafficked, 110%.  I knew it, three police departments knew it, I believe, even Rebecca Franz the ADA at the time knew it too, oh, and Lancaster's Children and Youth knew it, as did Children's Alliance.  And, as I've said a gazillion times, the only people who didn't back us, were the DA and the family court judge.  That's it.  Sadly, they were the highest authority, so their word superseded that of the police, detectives, children and youth workers, and children's alliance.  It is so fucked up it IS laughable. Now. And I know I said I wasn't going to mention this, again or anymore, however, there seems to be A LOT of articles coming out lately of how The Establishment is rife with pedophiles.  Here's what I want to say, and have been commenting when I can;  WE KNOW THIS IS TRUE BY SIMPLY LOOKING AT OUR LAWS.  AS, EVEN TODAY, IN MANY STATES, A HANDFUL OF A DRIED PLANT, OR ONE OR MORE OF THE SAME PLANT, ALIVE, WILL GARNER MORE PRISON TIME THAN THAT OF A GROWN MAN WHO HAS HAD SEX WITH AN INFANT, TODDLER OR CHILD.  No one can dispute that.  Those are the facts.  And BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE have allowed this to consistently remain.

We have one hell of a problem people.  The whole Establishment, as far as I can see are to blame.  They are THE ONLY ones who will IGNORE rumors of pedophilia, and or dismiss them completely because of a person's financial wealth.  Think about that.  Why are they isolated in prison?  Because they will be gutted. Literally, gutted, like a fish.  Same on the street, yet in our "halls of justice," a blind eye is turned to it.  UNACCEPTABLE.

A commenter for the article I linked my comment to, just below said, " it's going to take straight mother's to stop this," something Ted Gunderson suggested as well.  I agree, however, they, The Establishment, will still try to destroy you.  Why do you think they took $11G from us, AND my house (the appeals court "believed," that there was a "gift letter," even though one was never presented in court, as there wasn't one to begin with! LOL).  But this is how they play.  They run the courts and will use the court against you.  Chit, look what they did to Kathleen Kane.

MOTHER'S, and father's, gay, straight, black, white, brown, whatever, we must stand tall, strong, and together to UNITE against these parasites that run every, single court house, state house aka The Establishment.

Why aren't LE being used to look for all of the missing kids, and teenagers throughout the globe?  I thought everything, was "for the kids."

Guys, gals, I'm sick to death of these "civilized," people destroying our children, and us.  The time is NIGH.

It's time for us to take back this earth from the vermin that are controlling it and us, for good, In Jesus's Name, I pray.

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