Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sessions, Pedogate and PTSD

I almost cried listening to the above video.  Nothing, is closer to my heart than the subject of child sexual abusers.  Let's hope Sessions WILL go after all of those who are pedophiles, child porn producers, manufacturers, distributors, child pimps and traffickers, etc., AND all of their protectors which ARE often, all within The Establishment.

On a different, though related subject, I just had my own NES reading.  Basically, the only thing wrong with me is my heart.  And the cause, it directly said, in sum, PTSD.  That I had gone through a severe trauma, and I lost my sense of trust, hope, etc.  It's all true.  I wouldn't wish being a parent of a child being used for sex by The Establishment, on anyone.  For when you go to seek help, and everyone helps you (law enforcement, children and youth), BUT the highest authority (i.e. The Establishment; family court judges, DA),  I would state that emotionally, it's almost even worse than the initial crime!  As you know then, that there is NOTHING, aside from breaking the law yourself, that can then be done to protect your child.   It's a nightmare, an actual nightmare, one which you may move on from, but WILL ALWAYS be scarred from.  My kid's been safe now for 7 years, and yet, I STILL look over my shoulder, as does she (and none of us, will ever let the "baby," be without any of us.  Taxing, yes, but the kids and I have been permanently scarred, as it's embedded within us, that, if Godforbid something were to happen to "the baby," The Establishment would not help.   That there, would not be justice.  It doesn't even matter if it's true or not, it's simply, how we all feel.  So we always, LIVE ON GUARD - it's a tense place to be).

I'd also like to add, that when fighting the corrupt system (as that's truly how this chit flourishes), the reality is, if you DO go on the run, you will break the law yourself, and as such, when they catch you, your child will be lost to you forever!  A parent fighting a corrupt system, involved with protecting THE CHILD SEX PREDATOR'S, truly has their back up against a wall.  Being as I stayed to fight for what was right, my PTSD is actually, justified.  I simply don't give myself credit at all, or the "OK" to admit this, and therefore, fix/heal myself (as I said at the beginning, "I almost cried," my tears never come anymore.  I am so used to feeling stoic, and like a brick wall, emotionless, strong, etc.).

My message to all the other parents who've walked in my shoes; Godbless you all, and know, it's ok to heal yourselves too.  Lord knows, we feel like, why should we/our feelings matter after what our kids had been through, but we and our feelings do matter.  We matter too.

I cannot help but believe this will be done, the WAR on PEDOPHILES, etc., and for the first time in a long time, I am feeling -HOPE.

In JESUS' NAME, we pray for all of this to be true.
love, IO, just a mom.

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