Tuesday, June 27, 2017

William Tyrrell: LET'S BRING THIS CHILD HOME (and all the others, added LINKS below)

William Tyrrell was taken on Sept 12, 2014 from his grandmother's yard, in Kendall, South Wales, Australia.

William was three when he was taken, and was last known to be wearing a spiderman costume.  SOMEONE KNOWS WHERE OR WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS CHILD.  Our consciousness never dies, it is eternal.  Therefore, IF you know something, or even if you thought you may have seen him in a video or live stream, which will implicate you in a crime, FORGET YOURSELF AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT.  THIS CHILD NEEDS TO GO HOME, and or, HIS PARENTS NEED CLOSURE.


Let's get these kids back home.
If you have seen any child, in an illegal porn situation, etc. PLEASE help us get them back home.








** https://www.icmec.org/

The irony, the above "icmec," is HIGHLY suspicious.  Just look at the names involved, and what they find as acceptable. It reminds me of a post, mindcontrolblackassasins wrote.  This chit, child abductions, whether on at the small town level, and or on the global scale, is one hell of a rabbit hole.  NONETHELESS, let's look, as all the kids deserve at least a look, for someone to look at their face and name, for if even, just maybe, one child can be saved, then, our lives would not have been in vain.

In Jesus's Name we Pray.

Good night. 

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