Sunday, December 3, 2017

Back at Square 1

There is nothing I hate more than being silenced, or not being allowed to state my piece (looking at you mw).  As such, I'm leaving this blog up, so I can, have my say, when I need to.

People, oddities are happening.  And, I don't believe in coincidence.

The first, "oddity," in a while, one of my cars was broken into the day after the election.  Nothing was taken, but the windows were down.  Both front ones all the way, and the back two halfway.  Why? Was it a message? That they know where I am, and can get to me, my family, anytime?

The second, the kid whose family just bought the last place we lived in, first, reached out to my daughter, via some form of social media, and "asked her out."  THEN, "supposedly," after moving in yesterday, found beer bottles and "glass pipes," in what we thought was a ladder to nowhere, in what was her room.

Here's my theory; lancaster county, pa IS a small town.  For the last ten solid years, I have been LAMENTING, day and night about what I saw as a massive, child sex trafficking conspiracy, which involved my child, this, "legal and illegal," local biz man, judges, lawyers.   OBVIOUSLY, I was more right, than even I knew.  But the fact remains, I was right about EVERYTHING.

Number two.  This legal and illegal biz man, and my youngest daughter's father, imo, were able to EASILY slant the lawyers and judges to side with them because they had told everyone about my former days as a junkie (in the late 1990's), but added the false cherry on top that I was a prostitute.  I was definitely a junkie, but I had not EVER been a prostitute, or anything of the like.

SO, for the things that I have been SCREAMING about, to now have traction, combined with my own, walking out on a limb, by naming this biz man's full initials (though they are down now), the LAST thing I need now, are rumblings that I am a, "druggie" (I have no idea of these glass pipes found, but do know, marijuana use here is still deemed, socially, legally, more reprehensible than that of pharm addictions, cigs, booze, and even adults having sex with infants, toddlers and children!  Basically, I just don't need this nor can I overlook it).

Please keep in mind, that during all of these struggles I've fought, I had fake IRS CI's come to my house, (which I came to find out WERE fake IRS CI's after working with real ones.  Whom might I add, told me, EVERYTHING, aside from my landline, were tapped - cell, emails, etc., this based off of all they had done to me/us...."they," being this biz man, and his cronies.  Just read this blog, and specifically, God Save This Queen), local pd asked if they could put cameras up around my house, as they understood the danger we were in, AND, it was suggested I get a CTC permit, etc., for I had, sincerely, kicked the proverbial hornet's nest!

Anyway, I hate being told I am lying when I am not (i.e.: my retarded husband, trying to comfort his own mind as per the windows that were down on, "his" car), or people telling me, it's nothing, I am making a mountain out of a molehill.  Maybe.  However, the facts remain, the chit I have been vocally, going off about, and the sick child sexing machine I had been fighting for the last ten years, WERE ALL 100% SOLID TRUTHS.  They were truths then, and they remain truths.

anyway, I'm not feeling so happy today.  It SUCKS when you have no one who will listen, especially when, historically, the dots you see as connecting, are usually true.

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