Monday, December 18, 2017


Please let me begin by offering my sincere and complete condolences, extended towards every, single soul affected by today's tragedy, along with all of the others in recent history.

Let's get to the dot connecting.

Yesterday's Atlanta airport chaos (which I believe is still going on).  Contrived.

Today's train derailment - again, contrived.  TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENCE.

One word; STUXNET.

What is STUXNET?  It's malicious malware.  A digital weapon (BY DESIGN), aimed at taking down software, such as train systems, power structures, etc.

When I awoke today, the headline news was of the Obama administration blocking the DEA's investigations into hezbollah.

That's a pretty big, f*cking news story.

The WA train derailment, derailed that.

One more tidbit that I caught last night; a philly children and youth worker was busted with a trove a child porn.

Wonder if that's not also conected to the Philip Ahr case?

Alright.  Have a good day.  Stay vigilant, and always, GODBLESS. 

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