Monday, January 8, 2018

The Stone That the Builder Refuse...

Marijuana.  It's a subject that will bring about as much passion, and is as divisive as a subject as that of Christ (honestly).   One is either for freeing it, OR they want it to remain criminalized.  Few, are on the fence.  Few, are without an opinion on it, with, even fewer truly understanding why it MUST become decriminalized, and across the board at that.

I am going to share with you. a comment I had left on Intellihub yesterday, which was, "removed."  Yes, I am as the kids would say, "butthurt."  It was for this Shepard Ambellas article on Sessions rescinding the state's marijuana law rights (bottom of this post).

Now, #1, riddle me what is wrong with what I said?  Especially as the article noted bible points as well. #2.  IT'S TRUE.  Lord knows, if you've read any of what I have written about, on any of my blogs, you will know that I was told point blank by a Lancaster County, PA court employee that indeed, my feelings that my being a mere, proponent of legalizing marijuana, HAMPERED my child's sexual abuse case (this was in the beginning, w the first physical markings, when I went to get her first pfa).  She told me, "Marijuana TRUMPS proven, child sexual abuse in the courts here."   What was my proof of being a proponent?  I HAD A HIGH END HEMP SHOP, CALLED SOLE JAH WAY, SELLING HIGH END, LAND'S END TYPE GARMENTS MADE OUT OF 100% HEMP.  This was in 2007, and my intent was to show people, that hemp wasn't going to turn your kids into a bunch a hippies running around topless, but that you can wear hemp to church, etc. and that, EVERYTHING WE GET FROM BLACK OIL, WE CAN GET FROM HEMP.  Basically, I was attempting a re-education (which, didn't go too well ;)).

I knew then that it was a conspiracy, just by reading the court records, and knowing what little about the laws that I did (seeing kids from downtown being sent to federal prisons for five years (mandatory) for the crime of having an actual blunt of marijuana in a school zone, no matter everywhere downtown IS a school zone, meanwhile, people assaulting others to the degree that they'd be paralyzed from the waist down were walking free from court, on probation!).  I actually wrote a letter into the Lancaster Intelligencer around 2002 or 3, citing those two cases, as they were in the same day court records, and they told me, with a chuckle, that, "They cannot print that."  Insinuating I was right.  Which I was and am, but I am digressing. Anyway, it may be on record.

Now, we know, it IS a conspiracy, and it's even a far deeper, and more contrived of a conspiracy than even I realized! 

The point it, keeping this one plant ILLEGAL allows those within the establishment to use it against you if they so choose (and they will).  While doing so, they are, willfully ignoring real crime, such as that of those adults who engage in, or enjoy watching the; RAPING OF INFANTS, TODDLERS AND CHILDREN.  That, is my beef.  The fact that nearly everyone I have come across who vocally HATES marijuana with a passion, yet drinks booze nightly, medicates themselves AND THEIR CHILDREN with a slew of pharmaceuticals daily, and smokes tobacco, is beyond moot (the average american IQ IS currently 104, and dropping by the day.  Fact the average American IQ in 1995 was 120, no matter what is on the internet today.  So much to think about there, my friends).

I'm really over it all.  I don't even smoke herb, or ingest it in anyway.  Nor do I drink booze of any sort, smoke, or take pharms, over or under the counter.  But, I have fought for TRUTH within the system, and know, first hand, that for anyone within our establishment to call themselves beacons of truth is a lie, for if that were true, marijuana wouldn't be a crime, for anyone, of any age, anywhere.  Rather, child sex crimes would be public enemy number 1, and it's not. Truly.

Anyway, this feels like my, "Redemption Song."  As I said in one of my last posts, what more is there to say?  I've said everything I've needed to.  It IS black and white.  The solution IS simple.  If people refuse to, "get it," there is nothing more I can do or say. Like Bob Marley when he sang Redemption Song in Pittsburg, PA, just before his earthly death.  He gave us so many keys, because he had such clarity of the, "TRUTH,", and yet, still, to this day, the majority do not get it.  He's just a symbol of a "pot head," to them.  Oh! The irony. HA!

Lastly, without a doubt, the, "leaves," of the tree, spoken about in Book of Rev 22:2, IS THE HOLY HERB - MARIJUANA.  If, TPTB can finally get honest about that, the rest will fall into place.  That's my opinion, my truth, and I am sticking to it.


Trump to lose support of many Americans over Jeff Sessions pointless battle with a plant that has major medical benefits
And, my comment: 
Book of Revelation 22:2 "...and the leaves of this tree healed all the nations."
Up until recently, marijuana possession, use, etc., would have TRUMPED proven child sexual abuse in the courts (& more than likely still does is many places). Not to mention, would and will still, garner higher bail, bond and prison time than child sex crimes. That, my friends, is a HUGE problem. So, for those saying this is a, "pot head," issue/complaint, think again. And maybe, pick up some criminal justice books, or learn what's going on in your local county courts (i.e.: compare bail and bonds for marijuana possession v. those arrested for child sex crimes). Now, I know which of the two, "crimes," my God shuns, and it, "ain't," herb, so I'm pretty sure the, "in god we trust," written behind many judges isn't the same one I have my faith in. How about you?

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