Monday, March 12, 2018

Public Deception (Updated w/Link)

I just wanted to say, share, something I've just read, in Malachi Martin's book, Hostage to the Devil, in regard to what we see, ALL AROUND us today, not on the sly, as historically, but in our face, via media outlets, etc., - LIES.  Everywhere, lies, deception of the masses, false flags to further agendas, for control, complicity, etc..

Here's what stood out to me from Martin's words, (he is talking about what Jesus said to and of lucifer, and in sum), "You belong to your father satan. You are eager to gratify the appetite of your father.  He has never stood for truth.  It was he who gave birth to falsehood."

Martin writes, "the emphasis of Jesus is quite clear.  Lucifer is the originator of all blasphemy and deception in the universe.....and furthermore, Lucifer is ALL FALSE. It is natural for him to deceive and blasphemy.  These are stark and simply effective terms USED by Jesus to describe, TOTAL EVIL.  NOT MERELY AN EVIL BEING, BUT A BEING WHO IS THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL IN THE WORLD OF MANKIND."

Now think of all those who began the deception, which crept up into society, beginning with those on the fringes (the non mainstreamed seemed to have awakened to the lies first, for, they had to!). To what we have now, outright deception, GLORIFIED deception within the mainstream masses, and media outlets (i.e.: gender debacle, etc.).

Nothing has changed.  Those deceiving are still, the same ones deceiving.  My only hope and wish, and the reason I share this with all of you, is, for you all to awaken from this deception, if you haven't already.

If God wasn't real, these deceivers wouldn't need to deceive, now would they?  But, God IS real, people.  And as such, so is the grab for your soul.

In peace.

***I just came across this, it ties into what I've shared above and have long said, and believed, for Christ is revered in the Quran.  Not so much in the talmud.  We (Muslims and Christians), truly, are on the same side.  If you cannot see that, then know, as I implore you to embrace the fact that we certainly have, and must face, the same, "deceivers."