Thursday, April 26, 2018

All That Glitters is Not Gold

I cannot go another second without saying this, and it's too long for twitter.  So, here it goes.


I do applaud anyone from Hollywood or elsewhere from within the industry, who will go against the grain, the popular thing, as has been our, "celebs."  Everyone LOVED Hillary, they hated trump, and their kids were all trans, non gender, binary, etc.. So, anyone talking a different talk without then, "apologizing," afterwards, I salute, tip my hat to, etc.. But it ends there.

The past 24 hours on twitter, with this Kanye thing is making me sick.  Truthfully. A welcome to the real world, a pat, would've sufficed, but it's exploded into a complete worship fest, reminiscent to me of the lead up to '08, w Barack Obama!  All of it began to make my gut go off.  Then I saw this;

OK.  I could not post the pic, however it is in the link above.

Is that, or is that not Lyor Cohen in the middle?  If it IS Lyor Cohen, talk about red flags.

A little history of Lyor.  He controlled the hip hip rap industry.  You know, the one that took solid beats, w dope and poetic lyrics, and turned it into the tavistock of the black community.  Making being a thug, cool.  A gangster, w baggy pants, cool.  Which then helped create the false characters for cops to hate.  The mainstream to justify (the hate), and the prisons, private prisons to multiply! Filled with who? Primarily, the young, black youth.

So, Lyor Cohen thumb up'ing the new, black media messiah wearing a MAGA hat, well, they're telling us all exactly what we need to know. And no, I'm not going to, "chill, and enjoy it." I don't like seeing my people (Americans), being led astray.

But as you like.  Think as you like.  If I'm wrong, great.  I'll admit it. And if I'm right, lucky I'm not an, "I told you so sort-of person."

*things to think about
1. In my former, mid America neighborhood, houses that in '04 had Bush signs out switched to Obama in '08. And stayed dem through the last election.
2. Within the past 24 hrs, my 16 year old noted DIE HARD hogg-esq type kids she knows, have now posted, "Kanye '24." In. A. Day. Dem to repub.
3. Watch or re-watch, the documentary, BUSH'S BRAIN.

Gracias. Godbless.

Have a blessed life!

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