Friday, February 23, 2018

WACO: A Reminder

I watched this the other night, and not only became angry, again, but noted two things I need to share with you.

Near the beginning of this doc, at one of the very first scenes for the Senate hearings on this Waco massacre, first I noted that horrible gremlin of a human, Elena Kagan sitting to the left of the screen, front row in the audience, WITH THE HAPPIEST GRIN ON HER FACE.  Second thing I noted, that spineless shrew of a human, sen. Schumer of NY, SMILE, after a witness from the massacre detailed the DEATH OF HIS DAUGHTER!

There IS a common denominator between kagan and schumer, but if I say and or type it, I'll get called a racist or bigot. So I'll leave it at this, both grew up proudly honoring Lucifer, aka in their group as Hillel. And both believe those who know in God, most especially, CHRIST, are less than cattle.

These people are vile, they've infiltrated all of our establishment, and now they want total control over us by going after our guns. NEVERMIND that their pharmaceuticals have given us a FAR higher maim and body count of US citizens on US soil. Doped, damaged and dead are fine to them. Having self defense from them is utterly, reprehensible. Think about that.

Lastly, David Koresh was right, about everything!

In Jesus' Name.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hoopla Surrounding the Charities: TRUST NO ONE

I, for one am not surprised by what's coming out right now about the different charities, and their abuse of, "power." The taking advantage of others, the sex - with children and or adults.  It's despicable, but not a surprise to me at all.   I had spent time on the street, as you know.

Actually, let me share something I learned back then, and mind you, I grew up with a mother who was often at the head of and or a founder of various charities. (and I love her, God rest her soul, but she was a hypocrite of the highest degree, and she knows it).

Few charities, few richies, ever helped when I was on the street.  This may seem and sound arrogant of me, but, I used to call that experience, my, "Christ-like experiment," for it showed you, who really helps those in need, and who doesn't.

Those who helped, without ever wanting anything in return, were always the downtrodden; the five dollar hookers, the other poor, the illegals, and even the drug dealers. They'd give us food, (not drugged), have their friends put us up in their hotels (the Indians), share money, etc..  The richies, would walk by and say I should have my kids ripped from me, and call the cops, (little did they know, the cops and I were on friendly terms, so...).  They never shared, never bought us food, or a place to stay.

Anyway, what really gets me the most about this whole charity thing, is that, even worse than these men using these people as basically, a tissue, (to shoot their sperm into), how many of these people, BELIEVED that maybe, commitment, marriage, would be in the cards for them?  Can you imagine?  How flipping hurtful.  Seriously.

This brings me to a recent show that was on TLC, called, 90 Day Fiance (my husband is an addict).  I tried watching this with the husband, but was made SO UNCOMFORTABLE, by a character, in Haiti, who seemed to, and was likely, just such a person (using these people as nothing more than tissues), I said something to the husband, something along the lines of, "what do you want to bet he's a clinton foundation or from some other charity down there to, "help."" The husband noted, as the series progressed, it was clear that this character, dropped/moved on from this girl, because she, "got a bit too old for his tastes." SPECULATION on both of our parts, yes, however, usually, when my gut radar goes off, it's usually right.

Check out this, smarmy fellow, in the clip below, and tell me he doesn't make your stomach do flips.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Child Sexual Abuse & An Open Secret (doc)

While responding to a video in regards to the Jehovah Witness possible child sex ring***, etc. I shared something I know, yet had hidden away in my memories; that of the lack thereof, of those within the psychology fields, of handing over said abusers to law enforcement.

I spent a great deal of my childhood locked away in NYS rehabs (four winds, arms acres, st. vincent's, etc), a behavioral modification school (Amity in italy), and a halfway house in chippewa falls, WI. I was sent to most, for being, "on the pot!," with the exceptions of four winds, and then amity, as I was sent to those in succession for running away from my home when I was 14.  The rest were subsequent.  ***

ALL of those places mentioned above, were FILLED, PRIMARILY WITH ADOLESCENTS.  Adolescents who had been sexually abused in their childhoods, and usually, in their homes.  These things would come out within group therapy sessions, and for the most part, I believed them all.  There were a few at Amity who I feel, were pressured into saying it, being as we'd be locked in a room, on the other side of the ocean, indefinitely until they, "cracked." But the rest, my gut told me then, and now, that these kids were telling the truth.

NOW, NEVER, DID I ONCE SEE LEGAL CHARGES BROUGHT FORTH AGAINST SAID ACCUSED.  NOT ONCE.  And to make matters worse, the accused would often come around whichever campus we were on!  Even sadder, at these places within the United States, IF a kid would act out, have a freak out, etc., which can be common, WHEN NO ONE IS LISTENING TO YOU, you can bet the staff would call law enforcement, adding more trouble onto to an already troubled child's life. 

OK> some food for thought, CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE WASN'T EVEN A, "THING," UNTIL THE 1970's.  Just think about that for a moment.  

Finally, here's a link to the documentary film, An Open Secret (about the pedophlia problem plaguing hollywood).

Have a good day.

*** I became a "druggie," after leaving these places - so, 18+, and a heroin addict, 20+, though sober since the ages of 24/25.  My mentality/logic, at that time had been, why not become all the things I've been labeled, AND, I did, want to try to die.  Dio Mio!  My adolescence is probably why I embrace the aging process now!!! For, it is nothing short of a miracle that I'm alive, after having such idiotic thought processes as a youngster, lol.

*** there were often Jehovah Witness kids in the NYS rehabs, and with what they'd share, this news of child sex rings within their church, is not a surprise.


Monday, January 8, 2018

The Stone That the Builder Refuse...

Marijuana.  It's a subject that will bring about as much passion, and is as divisive as a subject as that of Christ (honestly).   One is either for freeing it, OR they want it to remain criminalized.  Few, are on the fence.  Few, are without an opinion on it, with, even fewer truly understanding why it MUST become decriminalized, and across the board at that.

I am going to share with you. a comment I had left on Intellihub yesterday, which was, "removed."  Yes, I am as the kids would say, "butthurt."  It was for this Shepard Ambellas article on Sessions rescinding the state's marijuana law rights (bottom of this post).

Now, #1, riddle me what is wrong with what I said?  Especially as the article noted bible points as well. #2.  IT'S TRUE.  Lord knows, if you've read any of what I have written about, on any of my blogs, you will know that I was told point blank by a Lancaster County, PA court employee that indeed, my feelings that my being a mere, proponent of legalizing marijuana, HAMPERED my child's sexual abuse case (this was in the beginning, w the first physical markings, when I went to get her first pfa).  She told me, "Marijuana TRUMPS proven, child sexual abuse in the courts here."   What was my proof of being a proponent?  I HAD A HIGH END HEMP SHOP, CALLED SOLE JAH WAY, SELLING HIGH END, LAND'S END TYPE GARMENTS MADE OUT OF 100% HEMP.  This was in 2007, and my intent was to show people, that hemp wasn't going to turn your kids into a bunch a hippies running around topless, but that you can wear hemp to church, etc. and that, EVERYTHING WE GET FROM BLACK OIL, WE CAN GET FROM HEMP.  Basically, I was attempting a re-education.

I knew then that it was a conspiracy, just by reading the court records, and knowing what little about the laws that I did (seeing kids from downtown being sent to federal prisons for five years (mandatory) for the crime of having an actual blunt of marijuana in a school zone, no matter everywhere downtown IS a school zone, meanwhile, people assaulting others to the degree that they'd be paralyzed from the waist down were walking free from court, on probation!).  I actually wrote a letter into the Lancaster Intelligencer around 2002 or 3, citing those two cases, as they were in the same day court records, and they told me, with a chuckle, that, "They cannot print that."  Insinuating I was right.  Which I was and am, but I am digressing. Anyway, it may be on record.

Little did I know, how right I was.  That it IS a conspiracy, and it's a far deeper, and an even more contrived of a conspiracy than even I realized! 

The point it, keeping this one plant ILLEGAL allows those within the establishment to use it against you if they so choose (and they will).  While doing so, they are, willfully ignoring real crime, such as that of those adults who engage in, or enjoy watching the; RAPING OF INFANTS, TODDLERS AND CHILDREN.  That, is my beef.  The fact that nearly everyone I have come across who vocally HATES marijuana with a passion, yet drinks booze nightly, medicates themselves AND THEIR CHILDREN with a slew of pharmaceuticals daily, and smokes tobacco, is beyond moot (the average american IQ IS currently 104, and dropping by the day).

I'm really over it all.  I don't even smoke herb, or ingest it in anyway.  Nor do I drink booze of any sort, smoke, or take pharms, over or under the counter.  But, I have fought for TRUTH within the system, and know, first hand, that for anyone within our establishment to call themselves beacons of truth is a lie, for if that were true, marijuana wouldn't be a crime, for anyone, of any age, anywhere.  Rather, child sex crimes would be public enemy number 1.

Anyway, this feels like my, "Redemption Song."  As I said in one of my last posts, what more is there to say?  I've said everything I've needed to.  It IS black and white.  The solution IS simple.  If people refuse to, "get it," there is nothing more I can do or say. Like Bob Marley when he sang Redemption Song in Pittsburg, PA, just before his earthly death.  He gave us so many keys, because he had such clarity of the, "TRUTH,", and yet, still, to this day, the majority do not get it.  He's just a symbol of a "pot head," to them.  Oh! The irony. HA!

Lastly, without a doubt, the, "leaves," of the tree, spoken about in Book of Rev 22:2, IS THE HOLY HERB - MARIJUANA.  If, TPTB can finally get honest about that, the rest will fall into place.  That's my opinion, my truth, and I am sticking to it.


Trump to lose support of many Americans over Jeff Sessions pointless battle with a plant that has major medical benefits
And, my comment: 
Book of Revelation 22:2 "...and the leaves of this tree healed all the nations."
Up until recently, marijuana possession, use, etc., would have TRUMPED proven child sexual abuse in the courts (& more than likely still does is many places). Not to mention, would and will still, garner higher bail, bond and prison time than child sex crimes. That, my friends, is a HUGE problem. So, for those saying this is a, "pot head," issue/complaint, think again. And maybe, pick up some criminal justice books, or learn what's going on in your local county courts (i.e.: compare bail and bonds for marijuana possession v. those arrested for child sex crimes). Now, I know which of the two, "crimes," my God shuns, and it, "ain't," herb, so I'm pretty sure the, "in god we trust," written behind many judges isn't the same one I have my faith in. How about you?

Monday, December 18, 2017


Please let me begin by offering my sincere and complete condolences, extended towards every, single soul affected by today's tragedy, along with all of the others in recent history.

Let's get to the dot connecting.

Yesterday's Atlanta airport chaos (which I believe is still going on).  Contrived.

Today's train derailment - again, contrived.  TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENCE.

One word; STUXNET.

What is STUXNET?  It's malicious malware.  A digital weapon (BY DESIGN), aimed at taking down software, such as train systems, power structures, etc.

When I awoke today, the headline news was of the Obama administration blocking the DEA's investigations into hezbollah.

That's a pretty big, f*cking news story.

The WA train derailment, derailed that.

One more tidbit that I caught last night; a philly children and youth worker was busted with a trove a child porn.

Wonder if that's not also conected to the Philip Ahr case?

Alright.  Have a good day.  Stay vigilant, and always, GODBLESS. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Back at Square 1

There is nothing I hate more than being silenced, or not being allowed to state my piece (looking at you mw).  As such, I'm leaving this blog up, so I can, have my say, when I need to.

People, oddities are happening.  And, I don't believe in coincidence.

The first, "oddity," in a while, one of my cars was broken into the day after the election.  Nothing was taken, but the windows were down.  Both front ones all the way, and the back two halfway.  Why? Was it a message? That they know where I am, and can get to me, my family, anytime?

The second, the kid whose family just bought the last place we lived in, first, reached out to my daughter, via some form of social media, and "asked her out."  THEN, "supposedly," after moving in yesterday, found beer bottles and "glass pipes," in what we thought was a ladder to nowhere, in what was her room.

Here's my theory; lancaster county, pa IS a small town.  For the last ten solid years, I have been LAMENTING, day and night about what I saw as a massive, child sex trafficking conspiracy, which involved my child, this, "legal and illegal," local biz man, judges, lawyers.   OBVIOUSLY, I was more right, than even I knew.  But the fact remains, I was right about EVERYTHING.

Number two.  This legal and illegal biz man, and my youngest daughter's father, imo, were able to EASILY slant the lawyers and judges to side with them because they had told everyone about my former days as a junkie (in the late 1990's), but added the false cherry on top that I was a prostitute.  I was definitely a junkie, but I had not EVER been a prostitute, or anything of the like.

SO, for the things that I have been SCREAMING about, to now have traction, combined with my own, walking out on a limb, by naming this biz man's full initials (though they are down now), the LAST thing I need now, are rumblings that I am a, "druggie" (I have no idea of these glass pipes found, but do know, marijuana use here is still deemed, socially, legally, more reprehensible than that of pharm addictions, cigs, booze, and even adults having sex with infants, toddlers and children!  Basically, I just don't need this nor can I overlook it).

Please keep in mind, that during all of these struggles I've fought, I had fake IRS CI's come to my house, (which I came to find out WERE fake IRS CI's after working with real ones.  Whom might I add, told me, EVERYTHING, aside from my landline, were tapped - cell, emails, etc., this based off of all they had done to me/us...."they," being this biz man, and his cronies.  Just read this blog, and specifically, God Save This Queen), local pd asked if they could put cameras up around my house, as they understood the danger we were in, AND, it was suggested I get a CTC permit, etc., for I had, sincerely, kicked the proverbial hornet's nest!

Anyway, I hate being told I am lying when I am not (i.e.: my retarded husband, trying to comfort his own mind as per the windows that were down on, "his" car), or people telling me, it's nothing, I am making a mountain out of a molehill.  Maybe.  However, the facts remain, the chit I have been vocally, going off about, and the sick child sexing machine I had been fighting for the last ten years, WERE ALL 100% SOLID TRUTHS.  They were truths then, and they remain truths.

anyway, I'm not feeling so happy today.  It SUCKS when you have no one who will listen, especially when, historically, the dots you see as connecting, are usually true.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Barreling Towards the Abyss

I'm over all of it, people.  I've been feeling it for a while.  Really, since I got my hopes up about that, anon q stuff.  I had combined all that they were saying, with the lawyer here being disbarred, (for I long said, he, if pressured, would talk), BUT NOTHING HAPPENED.

In hindsight, my whole, entire life has been nothing but field work on the destruction that child sexual abuse leaves in it's wake.  From my own home, to the amity school, to the various rehabs, to a half way house in WI, where to this day, there is one girl's story that I still, cannot shake.  To the streets, where 90% of those there, male and female, from all walks of life, were also vics of childhood sexual abuse.  To Lancaster County, PA, where I came to see that at the real heart of the issue is the ACCEPTANCE of childhood sexual crimes by the Establishment, and the elite.   It's all been a journey.  A journey, that I am done with now. 

What more can be said?  People used to say I was, "fucked up," when I was still in the thick of what was going on with my kid, for saying, dead panned, "In the state of PA (2011), you WILL have your parental rights, TERMINATED, for the mere possession of ONE MARIJUANA PLANT, but NOT, if you are caught fucking them."  That - IS fucked up.  But I am not, for saying it.  It's ugly, yes.  An ugly truth. 


Look you guys, it DOES matter, but what more can be said? 

The truly important thing is, all of us, are just barreling towards the infinite. Towards that infinite abyss that awaits us all.  And, that, is all that matters.  That, and our own consciousness, which is with us, forever. 

Anyway, try to be good, try to have hope, try to love.  

I am going to get off this thing for a while.  Remember life pre interweb.  Back to when I'd connect just with energy ("the most benevolent King, communicating through my dreams" :)).  

Love, Peace and Blessings to you all.  

Ciao. Adios.  Let metallica take it away (not really a metallica fan, but this, just about sums it all up perfectly).