Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Connection Between Lil Peep's Death and Philip Ahr?

Ok guys, gals.  You know me, I tend to read inbetween the lines when reading the news, and see connections that may only be clear to me (although, I do have a tendency of finding out I was right in the end).  So here's my latest, "connection," I noted, and have since, come across two things to support my, "theory."

The Death of Lil' Peep

I had not even heard of Lil Peep until his death.  But what I had mentally noted, was his unusual last name of, Ahr.  I found myself unable to shake running his name through my head, Gustav Ahr, that whole day and night.  Then it hit me!  I had google +'ed and article, around this past Halloween, of a PA politician, from the county over, named, Philip Ahr, who had been arrested for possession of a HOARD of filthy, sick and HIGHLY ILLEGAL pornography (links below)!

In the article I had first read about Lil' peep's death, in the daily, they said, his parents met at harvard and he was born in - PA (the only article I can find now, makes no mention of PA.  I promise you, I did not imagine it).

Ok, so so far, we have two people in the news, in a very short span of time, both with the last name of AHR and BOTH, with ties to the state of Pennsylvania.

Now, My Theory on the, "Connection." 

It is definitely, more than likely that Philip Ahr, the perverted politician, wasn't just looking at this gross trove, but partaking in and with the YOUTHFUL flesh as well (his, "mentoring," as mentioned in the article linked above, is certainly more than a red flag).  Now, what better way to send a signal/warning shot to him, to KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT, in regards to those who are trafficking the children for sex in PA (from philly, chester and lancaster counties, all the way up to state college and everywhere inbetween), than to cause the death of someone connected to him, AND to blatantly get away with it?  Not to mention, an addict is THE easiest and most perfect person to murder.   No one will ever think twice.


I came to this conclusion, connecting my mental dots last Friday.  Either yesterday, or the day before (Monday), I came across an article on MediaTakeOut talking about how, Lil Peep was given, "hot," xanax, (or whatever pills were his drug of choice).   Link below.

I realize they're not, the most reliable news source, yet there it is.

Just now, I came across this video, Black Child Productions posted on youtube, please go to the six minute mark.

People, I think we have a winner!

There is NOT a more profitable business in the world than that of trafficking human beings, with children at the TOP of that pyramid. 

I know, that the person, I allude to often when talking about my daughter's case, was and most likely still IS, the JEFFREY EPSTEIN of PA, and if he falls, so many highly established people will fall too.  It's a tower, they cannot afford to have crumble.  Just like a perverted game of Jenga.

Be well, be strong, be vigilant and be with us, with God.

Have a good day.


  1. Thank you posting this article.

    I just set this lil peep wallpaper on my PC to remember him.

    He will be missed.

  2. You're welcome! And, thank you for reading.

    Many blessings!