Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween NOT on Halloween

Ciao people!

As a woman who has been on this earth, almost forty years, residing for the most part, all in the United States of America, sans a few years outside of the US, NEVER have I heard of a more ridiculous thing than Halloween NOT being conducted on Halloween.  Well, actually, I have heard of equal and or more ridiculous things, most especially when it comes to logic in the state of PA, specifically, Lancaster County, PA but I'll get to those another day. 

Now where was I? Right.  Halloween NOT on October 31.

I have lived in my town for eleven years.  And only the first year I was here, in 2004, was Halloween NOT on Halloween.  However, this year, because Halloween falls on a Saturday, the PTB (County Power's That Be) have declared Halloween to be celebrated on the Friday night before!  So, I asked Lancaster County natives, to see if this was their normal and really I wanted to know WHY?  They all said, as if it were per the norm, that whenever Halloween falls on a Saturday, it is celebrated on the Friday before.  No one gave me a reason why.  Had Halloween not fallen on a Saturday in the past eleven years?  It's all so bizarre.  One woman ridiculed me for passing judgement on the changing of Halloween and said, "Do you have a problem with Christmas falling on different days?" However, Christmas is always on the 25th of December so I don't understand the point she was trying to make and she basically ignored me when I noted that.  She proceeded, "Or Thanksgiving?" (As if I were the stupid one), " Thanksgiving is never on the same day," she continued "and you don't have a problem with that either."  WELL DUH!!  THERE IS NO SET DATE FOR THANKSGIVING - such as there is for Halloween. 

Suffice to say, I sincerely believe that this is a test, and testament to and for the complicity of the masses.  No one questions why, they just accept and move on.  Obviously, I refuse and will go to the county over to have my child trick-or-treat on the proper night, though I will hand out candy here, as the children should not suffer any more than they already do by the Lancaster County POS (oops! did I just say that?) PTB adults. 

Thank you for reading my rant!

Be well, be safe and hang in there.  

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