Saturday, November 14, 2015

Operation Gladio

Now, I majored in Criminal Justice in school and know that even in our text books, it was stated which country enacted the concept of the "false-flag," and why.  9/11 was a false flag, even though thousands died.  We mean nothing to the people behind the false flags.  I knew it and said it back then, (when it was quite unpopular to say or even think such things), but what's a few thousand of "us", peasants , goys, to them?  It means nothing to them.

That takes us to today, the morning after the Paris aftermath.  Possibly because I became quite numb after the Sandy Hook false flag, being as I am a mother, nevertheless, I, like some others, feel like, where's the proof?  All I hear is media narrative.  "They were chanting Allah Akbar."  Ok.  That's likely.  That's an easy way to place the blame.  But come on.  These are the very same people who have incarcerated millions of people, teared apart millions of families, for a plant, meanwhile, we have men who have partook in the rape, even the sexual murder of children and nothing happens to them.  These people LOVE to have an "easy" trap.  And the vast majority fall for it.  Truthfully, more so whites, the mainstream whites who have trusted the "man" the dialog forever.  They buy up this bullshit.

I want to know, where's the cell phone footage from inside this concert venue?  Kid's today, twenty year old's, thirty year old's LIVE with a cell phone in their hand, snapping, recording everything, and there is not one cell phone video being shopped around?  All I saw was a French journalist who happened to be filming from an apartment which faced an exit of the concert hall.  I am not doubting people died, because like I've already said and have noted in all my posts, we mean NOTHING at all to these commie scumbags devouring the earth.  Nothing. But what I am doubting is who are behind the attacks.  Because clearly I believe it's these commie scumbag, illuminati, zionist, masonic pigs  (no need to slander a creation of God) demons, who want nothing more than to destroy us, then the remainder of the world, all in a bid to show God, they won.  I mean, what else is the purpose of this?  They need us as slaves for them.  Yet they LOVE to kill us off.  They've destroyed this planet, and continue to do as such, so what's their game plan?  They've convinced the vast majority that God isn't real, it's a joke, yadda yadda yadda, yet it is all real.  And they know it.  It's the game, the tug of war, the black vs white, light vs dark (and not skin tone for you morons, it's personal ENERGY), that is at the crux of this all.

If you don't have an inherent understanding of these commie demons and their game plan, I suggest you read up on Operation Gladio.

Be safe, be well and keep your head UP.


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