Saturday, November 19, 2016

The CN Mental Rundown

All right folks!  Here it is.  Clearly, I am still mentally scarred from the Destruction of Daisy info.  It's been months (?) and all I know is that I felt, after reading that, like what else matters?  If not living every day, for only to put an end to such perversions, because nothing else matters.  Not Hillary, Trump, Brexit, ME, nothing.  And it's not as if I wasn't aware of such things, because I was, I just never felt it so detailed, as if I viewed it myself, close.  But aware, I was, am.

This brings us to PIZZAGATE.  #1 I was not nor am surprised.  These same, sexually deviant men run Lancaster, or did.  They were behind what happened to my child.  Do I think or believe that ALL gay men are pedophiles? I don't know.  I do believe that anal sex among anyone one is deviant.  And though some who are deviant may have a line that is drawn somewhere, far too often, for most, there is not.


These fucking pigs.  Who would not only create "art" from murder scenes, but who would want these pieces of "art" hung in their homes!  It's all so interconnected and twisted.  My birth mother who scoffed at me and said, "THIS is why people think you're crazy," (because I said Hillary Clinton is a satanist - based solely off her defending of a 12 year old child's kidnapper and rapist), and YET AGAIN, I was spot on.


I'm not going to lie, I didn't leave my property on 11/11.  I would have only voted for Jill Stein if I had anyway, but the fear of Hillary winning kept me away.  I truly was pleasantly surprised Trump won.  Not that I didn't feel that the vast majority were going to vote for him, I just knew the fix was in.  However, it is my belief that nothing has changed as per what is in store for America.  The powers that be were not dumb enough to note that had they crowned HIllary queen, (or the Faux Hillary because HILLARY IS DEAD), the people were going to go for their heads, and probably would have got them. So they pacified us, placed Trump as pres, but shit is moving along per their instructions don't you doubt that for one sec.


I still think she is here.  I think, for example, the weather we are having is her way of screaming, ECCOMI QUI!

It's HOT out.  And it doesn't just feel like a hot Fall day, it feels like Spring.  It smells like Spring cusping into Summer.


I'm rereading this right now and what I'd like to share is this.  Obviously, Biko was a genius beyond most geniuses. He was Brilliant.  His words should be read to help us see what needs to be done today. There's a reason why nothing has truly changed.  His point; how can you want to change a system from within a system which should be dismantled to begin with?  The whole system is a barbaric, ungodly, system.  You can't fix something which basis is wrong. You must create a new system.

SUCH is this when I hear people such as my birth mother defend Hillary by saying, "That was her job! (to defend someone she KNEW raped a 12 year old child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  THAT WAS HER JOB!  ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND? These sorts cannot even see their system is a sham.  Their system IS a system whose tenets are based off satanism.  Not LOVE, CARING, TRUTH< HONESTY.  No, rather their system is about manipulation, control, fear, lies, greed, corruption. You want me to work within that?  To change what?  You cannot change anything unless you confront the truth. Yes, I am with BIKO.

That is all for now. I wanted to discuss the RH negative, etc is correlation with something Biko said (detailing the difference between natural African's culture and that of the Colonial's).  Not as a race war thing, because like Steve Biko said, Black Consciousness isn't about skin color it's about being awake.  Seeing the system for what it is.  As well, I do believe that MANY of us have such mixed blood (RH - +) that IF RH negative, are in fact an alien dna, many of us have at least one drop of it (which certainly is a LOL, one drop......shoe is one the other foot).  How does this come into play, BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THAT PEDOPHELIA, CHILD SACRIFICE, SNUFF FILMS, etc exists among the global elite.  HOW ANY NORMAL, NATURAL HUMAN CAN PARTAKE IN SUCH EVENTS needs to be examined.  Now let's cut to current events, Prince Harry's girl friend. Pretty girl, a mixed race American.  Personally, I think she's perfect for him and their kids would be the best looking of the family but for it to be such a big deal that she's half black!  Makes you wonder again, what was the big deal about the purity of the blood line to begin with (for many sorts, jews as well).

All righty then, Godbless and Later Gaters. 

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