Wednesday, May 10, 2017

For My Birth Mother

I guess I will not ever truly be over being told I was "crazy," for seeing things as they truly were and are by the human vessel which brought me here.  Just before our final, and epic battle in Ligonier, PA this past summer, one of the things which I had shared with her, upsetting her "belief system," which I mentioned in my recent post, In Defense of the Daily Mail, was that I had come to the realization that our obelisks, and the reason for the masons, and the higher the ranking, having high obelisks on their graves, were because they were circumcised penis', specifically of Ba'al.  And, by having people convinced that male infants had to be circumcised, that they too were having blood sacrifices to Ba'al, even IF without the participants knowledge (the sick clucks!). Because, as we know, everything IS hidden in plain site.

WELL< this bitch said, (and I quote), "I fear for you and the way you see the world."  Remember, this was before the battle, LOL.  I couldn't listen to reggae as reggae is almost all about fighting the satanic powers and it was what brought up, for me, in my mind, then out my mouth -the topic of the masonic obelisks being as they were everywhere!  Who knew I was being offensive!  I sincerely didn't.   I mean, what the hell was I supposed to talk about?  Hillary?  Sarah silverman?  COLBERT!  MIO DIO, lol.

Suffice to say, once again - I wasn't nor am crazy, rather -I was right! I had before, only came up with these ideas, as my own conclusions, from learning, and logic.

So anyway, MA, here's a little "gift,"  happy mother's day!

"The word "obelisk" literally means ‘Baal’s Shaft’ or Baal’s organ of reproduction. This should be especially shocking when we realize that we have a gigantic obelisk in our nation’s capital known as the Washington Monument."
Dr. Cathy Burns
Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated

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