Monday, June 5, 2017

Christian Hypocrites

Because of what I am going through, facing quite the nasty backlash on account of my conservative views which I post here, and will share to your face, I've come to see something.  Those people who sincerely, KNOW in CHRIST, know that Christ is not only omnipresent, but within, meaning, Christ knows their most inner thoughts, feelings, knows every molecule of their being, and will act as such.   Revenge, vengeance, usually are not apart of their daily routine.  If someone harms them, or disagrees with them, they will literally, turn the other cheek.  Turn the other cheek by NOT putting energy into destroying that other person.  A motto which I live by, think is; I only put energy into people I like.  If I don't like you, or agree with you, I am certainly not going to waste my precious energy on you.  And really, I disagree with a lot of people, daily, so that doesn't even bother me.  I will tell you I disagree, but won't seek vengeance.   However, if I find out you've sexually violated a child, I will seek justice.  But that's a different subject.

I have pissed off some people, and I know this, and now I am suffering the consequences, slightly.  God has already shown the way, and I am happy.  That does not mean, the negative, spiteful and vile hands being played are going unnoticed.  I've the emails, LOL. But what gets me, is someone is coming after me, having others join in, all because I don't believe in something which they believe is great - child transexuals.  Yet, I wouldn't nor have gone out of my way to bring them harm.  Blogging here, they may believe that is my trying to bring them harm.  Maybe.  However, for me, it's more a way for me to vent my frustrations being as, I thought I was swimming against the tide, and as I shared a couple of posts ago, I've happily found, that no, I am not.  Many are swimming right along with me.  

Which leads me to once again, point out, these aren't people who are aware, or who must truly KNOW that GOD is by their side, watching, listening, knowing their every move.  For if they did know that as a fact, would they behave as they do?  Putting energy into trying to harm my family, or me? This one person in fact, already told me that they had wished harm upon another for not seeing things their way!  And they purport to being people of God?  Heads of congregations! ** Reason number GAZILLION to avoid ALL forms of organized religion if these are the thoughts of their leaders.  Which should be of no surprise.   

Turning the other cheek, at least for me, does not mean to forgive, forget and go back into the ring with the person or persons.  Rather for me it means, to forgive, and move on.  And if the act was so severe, block them from your existence.  A good friend of mine, decades ago said after someone slighted me, "He no longer exists in our reality."  Touche'. 

If you sit there, using your energy to plot negativity against people you don't like, it will come back on you ten-fold.  Use your energy wisely, and know, God/CHRIST is within every cell of your body, every molecule, and as such, knows every thought, feeling, action that you do.  Ask yourself before you do anything, would God smile on you?

Lot's of things on there that take the words right out of my mouth.  Hypocrite Christians they are. 

**I must've added the above song (one of my favorites), to dance my frustrations away. :) 3.15.18

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