Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hoopla Surrounding the Charities: TRUST NO ONE

I, for one am not surprised by what's coming out right now about the different charities, and their abuse of, "power." The taking advantage of others, the sex - with children and or adults.  It's despicable, but not a surprise to me at all.   I had spent time on the street, as you know.

Actually, let me share something I learned back then, and mind you, I grew up with a mother who was often at the head of and or a founder of various charities. (and I love her, God rest her soul, but she was a hypocrite of the highest degree, and she knows it).

Few charities, few richies, ever helped when I was on the street.  This may seem and sound arrogant of me, but, I used to call that experience, my, "Christ-like experiment," for it showed you, who really helps those in need, and who doesn't.

Those who helped, without ever wanting anything in return, were always the downtrodden; the five dollar hookers, the other poor, the illegals, and even the drug dealers. They'd give us food, (not drugged), have their friends put us up in their hotels (the Indians), share money, etc..  The richies, would walk by and say I should have my kids ripped from me, and call the cops, (little did they know, the cops and I were on friendly terms, so...).  They never shared, never bought us food, or a place to stay.

Anyway, what really gets me the most about this whole charity thing, is that, even worse than these men using these people as basically, a tissue, (to shoot their sperm into), how many of these people, BELIEVED that maybe, commitment, marriage, would be in the cards for them?  Can you imagine?  How flipping hurtful.  Seriously.

This brings me to a recent show that was on TLC, called, 90 Day Fiance (my husband is an addict).  I tried watching this with the husband, but was made SO UNCOMFORTABLE, by a character, in Haiti, who seemed to, and was likely, just such a person (using these people as nothing more than tissues), I said something to the husband, something along the lines of, "what do you want to bet he's a clinton foundation or from some other charity down there to, "help."" The husband noted, as the series progressed, it was clear that this character, dropped/moved on from this girl, because she, "got a bit too old for his tastes." SPECULATION on both of our parts, yes, however, usually, when my gut radar goes off, it's usually right.

Check out this, smarmy fellow, in the clip below, and tell me he doesn't make your stomach do flips.

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