Friday, February 23, 2018

WACO: A Reminder

I watched this the other night, and not only became angry, again, but noted two things I need to share with you.

Near the beginning of this doc, at one of the very first scenes for the Senate hearings on this Waco massacre, first I noted that horrible gremlin of a human, Elena Kagan sitting to the left of the screen, front row in the audience, WITH THE HAPPIEST GRIN ON HER FACE.  Second thing I noted, that spineless shrew of a human, sen. Schumer of NY, SMILE, after a witness from the massacre detailed the DEATH OF HIS DAUGHTER!

There IS a common denominator between kagan and schumer.  They're lucifarians.

These people are vile, they've infiltrated all of our establishment, (sorry, CREATED our establishment) and now they want total control over us by going after our guns. NEVERMIND that their pharmaceuticals have given us a FAR higher maim and body count of US citizens on US soil. Doped, damaged and dead are fine to them. Having self defense from them is utterly, reprehensible. Think about that.

Lastly, David Koresh was right, about everything!

In Jesus' Name.

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