Sunday, March 11, 2018

Let's Just Call This: An Ode to PANAMA DAVE

I've got a bit of a fire in my bum, over basically, the same old, same old.

This is old news, though ties in with Trump calling to, "execute drug dealers."  Jesus Christ!  Surely NOT, doctors on the pharmaceutical corps dole.  Nor the pharmaceutical companies! This phucking guy. Really.

The rapper Bobby Shmurda.

Young Bobby put himself in the limelight, with his hit song, from a few years ago, Hot N***a (below).  Take a listen.  This was deemed incriminating, and as such, search warrants issued, and I believe he was finally popped on weapons charges, and is currently serving 7 yrs.

Now, I'm not saying what young bobby was involved with and or doing was or is acceptable behavior, I merely am about to point out the INCONSISTENCY within our SYNagogue of satan, (aka the legal system).

Which brings us to the now infamous John Skippy podesta recording (I refuse to listen, but it is below).

Here's my beef.

HOW THE FUCK IS THIS GUY NOT STRUNG UP, MUSSOLINI STYLE, with his corpse, and memory being desecrated along w the alefantis', and Peter Sculleys' (of destruction of daisy, "fame,") of the world, but Bobby shmurda is imprisoned?

I'm going to end this with something I've learned from my life, which is what I base everything on.  I know I've shared a dozen times, that my life has taken me from being pretty financially well off, to living in the actual gutter, to here, where I am now, right in the middle (and in that order).

I've hung out with gang bangers, the Bobby shmurda's of the world.  The person mentioned in this title, Panama Dave was someone ALL within the establishment would fear, hunt, etc., then and probably to this day. Yet, he took me in when I was a homeless CHILD of 16 or 17.  He never tried to sex me.  Rather, he cared, clothed, fed, housed and even protected me. And yes, he was the first person I ever knew who had a chest riddled with bullet wound scars (and he would flash it, every chance he got,  always with a dance, to share his stories of how he got them, lol. True story).  He had a younger sister who lived with him too. Maybe I reminded him of her, non lo so.  All he ever wanted in return was my friendship.

BUT, and to my point, ON PAPER, he was, to, "the man," a Bobby Shmurda.  Probably and in all likelihood, worse, but, honestly, he was a good, good man.  One who would most certainly be on Trump's current, desired hit list.

MEANWHILE, just as back then and as is now, we will have the well dressed, white collar, LEGALLY raking in a minimum of $100g + a yr - pedophiles, toddler snuff commissioning, infant, toddler and child raping, ASSHOLES who will continue to WALK?!?!?! And, walk amongst us!  ON WHAT FUCKING PLANET?  NOT MINE.

People, the only hope I cling to is that, if ALL the prophecies are true, then, our time is nigh. Godwilling.


PS. To Panama, I don't think I ever had the chance, or mind, to say - thank you.  I wish many blessings upon you and your sister.

PPS. Here's a palette cleanser for those who clicked on the podesta video (the devil's advocate brought me to this song).


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