Thursday, March 15, 2018

"Gangs" updated

The husband loves his fox news, local news, television.  And as such, with his office being open to the kitchen, I can sometimes get dragged into what is being propagated on his tel-lies-vision.

Yesterday, there was a whole block on fox news about the MS-13 gang, which supposedly only infiltrated the country under Barry O.  NOW, you should know by now, that I was never an obamanuti. I never fell for his, "sheen," and never, ever voted for him (and no, I'm not racist, white libs.  How can I be if I'm half brown? lol). THAT SAID, WHAT ABOUT THE FREEMASON GANGS, AND THE DUAL ISRAEL/AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP AIPAC GANGS?  Lord knows, they CERTAINLY outnumber the MS-13 gang, the crips, bloods, Latin kings, Italian mob (or what's left of it), etc., combined! Add onto that, and a sentiment I had shared often in my criminal justice classes, I've yet to have harm brought onto me OR my family by any of the above mentioned gangs (knock on wood), but I HAVE HAD direct harm brought onto me AND my family by the Freemasons and their American dual citizenship homies!

They, the Freemasons and their American/Israeli AIPAC homies, are FAR more of a threat to all of us than the MS-13, or even the mob (Irish, Italian, Asian, etc). Honestly, from experience, and from word on the street, those gangs have ETHICS (such as outing or even killing pedophiles, not killing, or harming wives and kids, etc.)..the same cannot be said of the Freemasons, and their American AIPAC homies.

To add, I'm not saying all the other, "gangs," are just dandy..because there are some seriously, f'ed people out there, such as human traffickers.  No, my point is, and what I'm asking is when will these other groups (gangs), which harbor complete and total control on all of us, via their total control of the establishment, for THEY ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT, when will they be recognized as such?

In Christ's Name.
Rastafari, baby, forever. 

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