Tuesday, July 31, 2018


My kids are going to kill me, nevertheless, after watching the video I posted in the previous post, coupled with things that I've seen with my naked eye, sometimes along with others (seeing) or alone, I felt, now, is the time to share this.

This video was shot at two houses ago of mine (june 2013).  It was shot upstairs, at the top of a sloped road, without access really, of it being man made.  It is my humble opinion, that this, as with what other things I have seen, and continue to see, as with what is shown in the Martyn Stubbs video, are all - interdimensional beings.

Now, I just mentioned this to the husband, who cannot talk about, nor think about or hypothesize about anything beyond what he can see and touch, and he said I'm crazy.  So, you may as well.  Or you maybe won't.  What I didn't share with him was that, as I was thinking about sharing this video, the song, "Red Red Wine," by UB40 came on.  I always take that as a sign of my late mom, as it was an inside joke, AND, it would come on her car radio just about every time I'd get in it (which wasn't too often growing up - so what were the odds, right?) and she said, just before she died, "when you hear it, you'll know it's me."  But, alas, we both had a firm knowledge in eternal life.

Here it goes.  I also have frame by frames, which if I can, will post as well.


Maybe I'm wrong, and it is just a trick of the light, which honestly, I will not ever believe.  IN fact, I actually have many, specifically, from that summer, along with one orb, which came in color - blue, though I believe that was my late, best friend, Dion. I was with his girlfriend when we captured it, along with a cross of light!   I know, bizarre, unexplainable - though 100% legit (you know what?  I'll check with her, and if she says yes, I'll post those as well)

I'll end this by saying; I know, that I am 100% comfortable in feeling and saying that it is all, interdimensional. That there are layers, upon layers, to what we call life.  It's just choosing to see it.


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