Thursday, March 3, 2016

The War on Drugs = Trial Run for a USA Civil War

It has long been my theory that the War on Drugs was a stepping stone for the NWO, etc.  Inasmuch as, it took our country and divided us to this day.  We have the whites, and the "uncle tom's"of the black and browns who have mastered the game of being the "GOOD GUYS," busting the "drug dealers," and entry level players.  So basically, white and uncle tom's on one side vs the black and browns on the other.  End of.  YET, this has worked masterfully.  No one has batted an eye while for decades, young black and brown men and women have been stripped from their children, homes, lives, all for miniscule amounts of "drugs" sent into prisons for ridiculous amounts of prison time, and yet, the pedophiles who run the state's and country are fucking free.

No one cares.  Certainly not those on the "good guy," side.  They don't care here, but they will.  When they die.  The jig is only good here.  But I've digressed.

We are the most legally medicated country in the world.  Yet I can't smoke a J.  In my state, they will take your kids for good for a marijuana plant but not if you fuck them.  Crass?  Yes.  It fucking is.  AND NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.

They've played us (well YOU).  They played you well.  Never Mind as you were a warrior for the NWO, destroying families, because fuck them, they were nothing but "niggers," right, you never even thought to realize that you were and are NOTHING to the NWO.  You are being paid in garbage, to buy their garbage, BUT YOU HAVE BEEN BANKING ON SOULS.

Our time as come.  Shit has finally struck America.  Welcome to the NWO which YOU ALL USHERED IN.  

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