Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"My Occupation is to Stop the Inauguration of Satan"

Hola mi amici!

Hopefully, many of you will know that the above title is from The Wu-Tang Clan's song, Impossible off the excellent and highly recommended (it's an education) Forever dual CD.  So, let's discuss "the election."  Dum, dumb, dum.  It's lethal out there.  Those who are for hillary, are die hard.  Lord knows, my own birth mother broke up with me this summer, mid vacation, she left, all because I stand firm in stating that it IS my belief that hillary is a satanist.  Nevermind that I told her, BOTH "top" candidates are, considering they are both tight with another Satanist, Jeffrey Epstein, and both candidiates are merely fronts for Israel (therefore I side with neither). But the thing that truly crossed her, hillary, off my "like" list, was, being as I am the mother OF a sexual assault victim, and then a further victim of the corrupt judicial system, I abhor ANYONE who would defend a known child sex abuser and or rapist.  Hillary, ON recording, admitted to and LAUGHED about getting her defendant off for the crime of raping a 12 year old!  My birth mother refused to acknowledge that Hillary even practiced trial and or criminal law, denied ever hearing about Jeffrey Epstein, and refused to even see, or hear the facts to back up both.  She said I was "crazy."  You know what, good riddance.  I should have never vied for her love after the first thing she ever said to me was, "you were never meant to find me," with the follow up being, "are you smart?" because she purposely didn't nourish me in the womb hoping I'd die.  But I was 30, and had been IN LOVE with her my whole life.  However, this is not about her.  She, my birth mother is merely a prime example of hillary supporters, and it's frightening.  This post is about hillary, satan, and the deeper progression into satanism our world is crashing into.

Everyone saw hillary fall on 9/11/16.  Even if you disliked her, as I, you had to have felt a pit in your stomach as you watched her stiffen up, and definitely drop while being shoved into the van.  I know I did. Now we have rumors that she had died, with even NYC news outlets reporting as such, much like with building 7.  Add to that, the person who came out of chelsea's apartment later on in the day on 9/11/16 who looked years younger, thinner, and definitely an actor seemingly acting, makes the rumor sound like it could, "kinda" be true. So much so that main stream media had been picking up the "hillary body double" story, the is hillary dead story, not just on alternative sites.

Now, let's cut to 9/20/16.  Angelina Jolie, the UN puppet/darling decides to file for divorce from brad pitt.  Ok.  People divorce all the time.  Yes, I know.  But, now, where's all the hillary debacle news? Exactly.  Not to mention the Russian air strike in Syria which should have killed "Isis" but instead killed Israelis.  HMMMMM.  Well, now, even people like my birth mother, who don't believe in false flags, or that lucifarians are running the show, or that Isis is really Israel and our CIA, even they would know that it's ALL BEEN A LIE.  So CUE AJ to steal the show from them, and yes, we have ALL looked away.

Lastly, in staying with AJ, the UN puppet queen, and the Lucifarian chit show, Angelina's brother James Haven, the one she kissed passionately after she won some award, is now the kid's full time nanny.  That's fine, the troubling part for me is that it's being reported that the younger two kids are calling him daddy.  Now, because I'm demented (or crazy, as my birth mother noted), I can acutely remember reading, pre Brangelina, when it was just rumor, and just before it came out as fact, that Maddox Jolie (at the time) was running around the set calling Brad Pitt, Daddy.

Here's where it get's good, (aka deeply troubling considering the state of things), also in today's news, just after reading about the Jolie-Pitts twins calling James Haven daddy, I came across this little gem; why inbreeding is not always bad. (!!!???!!!) Ah, it comes from a Rothschild.  I see.  So, Angelina Jolie, the UN darling is doing double duty; taking the spotlight off hillary, and also introducing us to NORMALIZED incest (or incest as normalized......).

Anyway everyone, that is all for today, I thank you all for reading.

I forgot to say, Happy New Year!, last post, so I wish you well now.  I do hope we have a better year than last, considering all we face together this year, what with these repulsive elections, etc., or else we're all going to be disguising ourselves as car seats to get into Mexico!

Always, go with God, in Peace and please, spread the word of TRUTH.  Godbless.

** I stand w no lands and w all lands, as I come from no one yet I belong w everyone.  Ya feel me?  This is in re to my former giving a chit about the establishment of anywhere; usa, israel, etc..  I stand w and for peace and peace alone.  Everything else I've said here, hrc, angie jolie, my feelings have not changed. ~ cln Nov 5, 2019.  

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