Sunday, September 11, 2016


I'm back!

I hope you all had a great vacation, and or summer, and I hope you were able to spend quality time with the people you love.  Or, at least, spoiled yourself with relaxation.

After a four year hiatus from hitting up any coastal regions, I finally took my younger kids to the beach!  It was awesome.  I had forgotten how much I loved swimming, and floating in the ocean.  I had watched the film about the Christmas tsunami with Naomi Watts shortly after giving birth my last time and would not go anywhere near the coast. Anyway, driving back, lot after lot for miles had nothing but signs for people running for some political position.  Which then made me spend over an hour thinking about what I would do (because I had started to think about how much I abhor the whole system, everyone involved, etc.).

Here would be my bumper sticker "C******N********* FOR PEACE

My bullet points

  • everyone in DC needs to go
  • no one affiliated with an organization based on secrecy will be allowed in any authoritative position
  • no one who has been a member of any greek society can or will be in a position of authority
  • no one who holds a passport with any nation aside from the USA can be in political positions or hold political office
  • no lobbyists
  • end the illegal war on drugs
  • revamp our schools, by beginning to TEACH THE TRUTH
These were my starting point.  Definitely no Masons, Zionists, or Israel/USA (or ANY dual citizens of any nation's) passport holders in authoritative positions (i.e. Judges, DA's, Senators, Congress, etc.).  I'd even be wary of those who are in country clubs together, etc., as it breeds bias.  But we'd have to draw a line somewhere.

My one kid said, "wouldn't you'd be afraid they'd kill you?"

You know what?  Here's the facts about me; "they" already tried to kill me in the womb and I survived.  They've been trying to kill me ever since then and somehow, I've survived. I'm not afraid of them anymore.  I'm much more afraid of their blind followers, who swallow their bs, along with whatever pill they're pushing as they, those sorts terrify me.  And often, they are teachers, lawyers, social workers, etc. (the ones higher up KNOW this is a game of enslavement).

On a different, though same note.  It all became oh so clear this summer.  EVERYTHING is satanic here.  If Satanism is about dualism, what's good is bad and what's bad is good, well then, no need than to simply open your eyes and see it's beyond our worst nightmares out there!  But let's go back to the beginning, with the "In God I Trust."  This "God" they spoke of is not the same God I know.  This is not the Creator, who is LOVE, but their god, Lucifer.  The men who created our nation were practicing Freemasons, and members of whatever other "secret societies," and fraternities there are and were.  All of which denounce loving of Thy God, but rather focus their energy and adoration towards that of Lucifer. They also, then up to today, often will be in "christian" churches on Sunday.  THEREFOR, the god purported on many a courtroom wall, and on our currency is NOT GOD THE FATHER, but Lucifer.

Our, and my assessments in earlier posts about Lucifarians, their existence, control, etc. was quite right, though simply stated, as it's far larger and more encomapssing than at that time, my mind could comprehend.  But it's all true.

I've just began reading Lucifer's Flood (after I concluded these thoughts said above).  Pretty apt, considering.

WE CAN LIVE IN PEACE.  We were meant to live in peace.  There are just some people who are blocking that for the majority of us, and they need to be stripped of their power.  To begin to do that is to awaken yourself and those around you to the REALITY of this life.  If God wasn't real, if the constant spiritual war wasn't real, we wouldn't be dealing with the chit we are now.

Go with God and always, God bless.

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