Monday, June 20, 2016

Selma Blair: Victim of Sexual Abuse?

Actress Selma Blair was taken off of a plane today, via a stretcher. Witnesses to the event described Blair lost it, after she had mixed something into her glass of wine.  The disturbing part is, aside from her being with her four year old son at the time, is what she was witnessed as screaming.  "He burns my private parts." "He won't let me eat or drink." "He beats me and he's going to kill me." That, my friends, terrifies me.

A little background on Selma Blair.  She is the daughter of a Judge (her mother) and her father was an attorney active in the democratic party.  As a child, Selma was raised Jewish, having all of her schooling at the Hillel Day School in Farmington Hills, MI. Her Jewish name is Bat-Shiva.

This is Selma Blair several years ago. Round in the face, she looks slapped with makeup but healthy.  OK, none of the more recent pics I wanted to post will work.  Please look yourselves.

I will share my thoughts because reading celeb gossip has been my drug of choice since 2009, so I've been following her since the birth of her son, seeing the pics of her, the baby's father and the baby having brunch, to shortly afterwards, reading about how they were breaking up.  It was reported at the time that she had a zero balance on her credit card, and we, the world were in awe.

But here's what I noticed, then I'll get to the Hillel Schools.  #1, She clearly puts being a mom as THE most important job.  I can't say drinking booze with added pharms is a great choice, however, from my observations, solely via this contraption, she is ALWAYS with her son.  He is her #1 priority. #2, Her weight.  I've personally thought she'd looked malnutrition for years, even while still breastfeeding (I saw a pic of her breastfeeding her then 1+ yr old son).  Yet, I never saw anyone else say anything in comment sections, though they may have been moderated out,  who knows.  #3, In the pic I saw of her after she had her son, the one of her and her baby's father having brunch, her white roots were clearly visible (I notice these things as I am almost all white).  Soon after those pics, and the publication of her parting ways with the baby's father, I saw a pic of her walking with someone captioned as her mother and it always stuck with me for some reason.  The mother had dyed blondish hair.  Soon, Selma was seen with horrendous blond hair.  I know nothing of her career so I don't know if this was for a role, or to please.

Now, after reading this disturbing day's events, and doing a quick google search, I was shocked to find that Blair was raised Jewish, so much so, as attending a Jewish only, Hillel Day School.  I've heard horror stories about these schools, as with many other, whether religiously affiliated or not, it just seems Hillel schools keep out of the press with it.  No chit.  As far as other Jews are concerned, the problem of sexual abuse in Jewish schools are an epidemic.

I'd also like to touch base on the fact that to many, Hillel means or represents the angel who went against God, or  more commonly known as lucifer. Some dispute this, however, many like to dispute what is in the Talmud, etc. So, I'm concerned about what it is Ms. Blair screamed today, as often when a person is wound so tight, as she has looked the past few years, and has that wall temporarily taken down by such things as booze and pills, sometimes, the truth comes out. That would explain her constant need to be with her kid, survivors are like that.  People who haven't been literally screwed, are more naive and trusting.

Back to her mother.  WHY do I mentally record such odd things?  But even as recent as a few days ago, I still had that mental image of her with her mother pop into my mind.  Now to find out she's a judge!  All I can think of is Garden's of the Night (the film).  I'm not suggesting her mother is like the judge in the film, though I definitely do question most people who are judges, and such. What I am suggesting is that this poor mother, Selma Blair, has quite possibly been mentally suppressing possible childhood sexual abuse for a very long time, and now - she has snapped.

It would be nice if ALL OF US, could send her our prayers, good thoughts, positive energy, what have you, because if I am right, she will need them.

***I'd also like to note, and if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, which I have, that I don't believe in coincidence, but while writing this, and researching articles to link, somehow everyone's internet access stopped, though all units show that we are connected, like this lap top now, even though I cannot look up anything.  My kid just said, "Stop blogging what the jhews don't want you to.  I need to watch netflix." Madone.  LOL. 

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