Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Epstein is Not the Only One

This case practically mirrors what happened to my child and myself.  My child's credibility wasn't attacked, everyone believed her, I was attacked.  They said I didn't like the jeffrey epstein-esque character, and I had it out for him. Come on.  Maybe if he didn't pay to protect my child's rapist, I wouldn't have had it out for him.  Maybe if he didn't himself have 3 counts of corruption of minor charges for furnishing alcohol to minors, I wouldn't have been so opposed to him  being around my then six year old!  But this is the name of the game, blame the person who sees through the lies.  Blame the person bringing up the truth, and above all SLAM any parent who will not sell their own child out.

Child sex is THE most profitable business in the world.  There are COUNTLESS Epstein's all over the United States, and across the globe today, right now, and they all avoid prosecution because why?  Who do you think is procuring these kids? The Elite.  The global elite, state and county elite.  End of. 

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