Wednesday, August 16, 2017

America, THIS is Important *no way is the way*

Greetings Everyone!

Even though I had stopped this blog, because my own ego took over, which made me feel, unlike myself, THIS, what I have to say, in regards to the Charlottesville incident, and what is happening in my beloved America is too important to not share.  Ego, be damned. 

I've lived a rather colorful life; from the wealthy suburbs of NYC, to Europe, to the streets of San Fran, venice beach -squatting, to crawling out of that, to the lowest level of poverty, now to where I am, PA.  So, I've come across a lot of different types of people, from ALL tax brackets, and here's what I need to say.

You've all, for the most part, been lovely.  I've been treated well by gang bangers in LA, NYC, the Bronx, by Latin Kings, Mexican cartel members, gutter punks, etc., basically, those considered the lowest forms of society.  

Here, in PA, in 2001-2 I ran a small, motel called, The Willow Dell, in Mohnton, PA.  The place was a real chit hole, filled with mostly, weekly renters who were stuck there.  Many of the people I met there, were also proud KKK members, renters and others in the area, and though suspicious of me at first, within our firsts conversations, I would be able to win them over - not "trying," just by being who I am.  Even though, I am not any more than 50% white and look it; brown, "ethnic," whatever.

I was able to debate, discuss our differing beliefs, and ideals, and yet, still, the people listened and liked what it was I had to say, and ended up liking- me.   The same can also be said for many of those inherently, white racists that I've met since living here (though not all - but most).  They've seemed to change their former, racist beliefs, since I've known them.  Beliefs born of simply, not knowing any better.  Most have GROWN in their ideas, changed.  

Now, the liberals that I have met, during the same period, including my own birth mother - they have not (changed).  They cannot debate, converse, NOR hear of any ideas that don't parlay with their own.  Now, why is that?

I will never speak to my own mother again, as my disdain for Hillary Clinton became the third and final straw for her and for me.

The first time she stopped speaking to me was over the gay marriage issue.  I had merely said, "Marijuana legalization should have taken precedence."  We didn't speak for several years.  I would write, call, email - all to no avail. 

The second time we stopped speaking was over my bringing the "smack down," on my then teenage son.  Her niece, another filthy liberal, witnessed it and it made her cry.  Boo Hoo.  Suffice to say, she threatened to call CPS on me, as it was, 'her duty, being as she was as a teacher from TX," to which I reminded her that I had spent our whole visit listening to her BRAG about how she AND our aunt (whom I never met), were BOTH HAVING SEXUAL AFFAIRS WITH THEIR 16 YEAR OLD EIGHTH GRADE ILLEGAL ALIEN STUDENTS!!!!!!!!!  And her "comical," story of how the aunt's toyboy was so drunk at my own mother's NYE party that he had alcohol poisoning, (I'm adopted, praise GOD) yet no one at the party, all of my mother's family, would call 911 as they were all teachers.  And, the truly "funny, " story of how she knew the aunt even had sex in the aunt's classroom, which was across the hall from hers!!!  BUT, it was my yelling at my deserving kid that WAS OFFENSIVE.

People, THIS IS THE MENTALITY OF THE LEFT.  For YEARS, I thought it was me.  Now I know, it is not.  There is something so fundamentally wrong with these people, it is not even funny.  Most are on a plethora of legal drugs, alcohol, tobacco.  Many are having and living risky sex lives, and they are stupid.  FAR TOO stupid to see through their own eyes, their lives, lies and hypocrisy.  So stupid, that they don't even realize, that it wasn't that long ago, in the beginning, when homosexuality was being shoved down our throats (and their anuses), that their mantra was that they were, "BORN THIS WAY."  NOW, born this way? WHAT!  They are changing every, single bit about themselves; girls are becoming boys and boys are becoming girls.  

The whole point of this post; the white supremacists aren't the problem, they have some valid points, as did the BLM (minus the soros backing), however NOW- we must come together.  Those of us who can and must, LISTEN, DIALOG with each other.  WE MUST COME TOGETHER -those of us who were born this way - as AMERICANS, must come together.  

I don't know about you, but I am a 100% purebred American MUTT and proud of it (the "purebred mutt" was intended).  I love my fellow american citizens; STRAIGHT, black, white, brown, red, yellow, etc.  I don't love the establishment, the media, the medical establishment, or those who worship those - the liberals.   


In Jesus's name. 

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