Saturday, October 21, 2017

FINALLY, Some Vindication

Great news!  Slightly.  I read this morning that, Lancaster, PA attorney, Jeffrey Mohler has been disbarred for five years.  If you have read this blog, you will remember this same clown didn't pay off my mortgage for over two months after closing.  True, he admitted it when I confronted him, AFTER being notified by my own mortgage company.

HOWEVER, in my honest opinion, there was more to our story, of him choosing ME to not pay off my mortgage. You see, also if you have read this blog, you will know that I had to fight a fight that I wouldn't wish on ANY PARENT.  That of, protecting my child, from rapists within the machine, aka The Establishment.  To recap, my kid's rapist that we know of, for certain, was her biological father.  Her biological father got involved with a wealthy, local man, known by at least THREE police departments as being a, "legal AND illegal business man."  He was involved in drugs, human trafficking and pornography.  He also paid for every lawyer to fight against me, AND he was POA for this house closing.  A closing where I was shoved into a closet, while he was treated like a king.  Therefore, Mohler and he a coincidence?  I think not.

LINKS (make sure you read the parts written in RED, for both links.  TY)

Here's where I wrote about Mohler and other corruption by the local Establishment

Re-cap of how my kid got involved, which would be good to read considering all of this, with Hollywood is coming out now, and yes, I blame the parents.  For unlike adults, KIDS ARE BEING PUT INTO SITUATIONS WHERE THEY DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE, and the parents are doing it for money.  Pimping their kids.

That jeffrey epstein character, that local, "legal and illegal," (as described by several police depth.) biz man   I just noticed, his main office, which is above a gas station off the highway, is closed, with a sign covering the sign, basically saying there's a fire sale.  Is the noose tightening?  God, I hope so.


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