Saturday, February 11, 2017

Proof of Judges Committing Treason

I just thought of something.  My mind was wandering, thinking about why has domestic relations not placed a lien on my kid's rapist/father for back child support.  She receives nothing.

To recap: my kid was involved in a pizzagate-esq situation here, in Lancaster County, PA, with the county and state's very own jeffery epstein pulling the strings behind it.  I don't want to go into too much about the sexual part, what I do want to get into is the money part.

My kid has been safe for many years now.  I am thankful. But "they" kept coming for me afterwards, hitting us in the pocketbook as much as possible.  This jeffery epstein type character was even the power of attorney for my kid's rapist/father.

To the point, here are some background facts all of which are true and can be proven in court
  1. rapist/father IS (or was) married.  He married a woman to give her a green card.  He married during the period that he had access to our kid.  The kid never met her.  He never mentioned her, but legally, he married her during this period.  
  2. Lancaster County Domestic Relations took just over $4,000.00 from my child's child support between May 2014- that fall of 2014.  Their reasoning, "The IRS took the money from me because I had received money from a refund which the rapist/father was not entitled to."  Hired an attorney and got this in writing.  NOT FROM THE IRS, from Lanc DR office.
  3. After the house the rapist/father and I owned was sold, he owed just over $15,000.00 in back child support (June 2015) which I was supposed to get back at the closing.  The check was shown to me, with a photocopy given, yet only $8,000.00 was given to us by Lancaster Domestic Relations.  Lancaster Domestic Relations said the IRS took the money, again, because once again, many years earlier, we were given "money from a refund which he wasn't entitled to." They ignored requests to get that in writing. THUS, Lancaster Domestic Relations Office took within 13 months, $12,000.00 from my kid.  THAT'S DOUBLE WHAT SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO RECEIVE!!!!!
  5. If the rapist/father/person PAYING the child support is married, and they file jointly, which I'd imagine they'd have to because Immigration isn' Lancaster County, I bet it was HER money which came our way.  Maybe she made a stink.  I know she was a professional.  I think she works on corpses for a township or something. 
SO, obviously I told my lawyer for the house issue and he initially said it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for them to find a judge to sign off of taking those arrears (from the sale of the house).  When it went through, and Lanc DRO gave me the same song and dance routine about it being for the IRS, my lawyer simply said, "well, I cannot help you.  This clearly goes way higher than I."  Which, of course I have in writing. 

Now to TREASON.  During depositions, the rapist/father denied even being married.  When we finally went to court, that was the first question asked by my lawyer (whom I never trusted, but was in too deep with) and he said yes he was married. 

Doesn't matter.  What does matter is this; we have judges who are KNOWINGLY, SIGNING OFF ON MARRIAGES FOR PEOPLE TO ATTAIN GREEN CARDS.  THAT, is treason.  To then financially rape a child of money that is LEGALLY AND RIGHTFULLY THEIRS, is only icing on the cake.  Nevertheless, they definitely took the money to cover up their involvement, or to appease someone they took money from as their deal went "bad," once a lien affected that person. 

I would imagine this would be an easy thing to figure out.  Look into the judges who signed off on their marriage license, look for the judge that signed off both times for the taking of my kid's money, etc.  

It's funny.  I was listening to a podcast last night, where the topic was epstein.  The similarities to our case are uncanny.  Same bullchit. Anyway, this isn't even about my speculations that the judges are pizzagate-esq because they legally protected flaygrant pedophles, because that's all speculation. but THIS, HERE< WE CAN FOLLOW THE MONEY.  


of course, as was mentioned in the above said podcast from last night, finding a lawyer willing to put their necks out, even worse than a needle in a haystack.  Especially in this town, and state.

***I DO NOT WANT TO DIE, SO IF I DO............... cln

**** Taken from Nora Tellicat's, I Am Definitely Right on This, as it pertains to this money being taken and other oddities

 *** PPS, AND the mortgage for my house wasn't paid FOR OVER TWO MONTHS after closing!!!!  That guy (whose name escapes me, though it is in my emails -IF anyone cares, though it is quite un likely)  lawyer Jeffrey Mohler, HE TOO should be investigated.  Ask yourself, WHY would he risk HIS life, and business by NOT paying off the mortgage for my house, 18 quarry dr, millersville, pa FOR TWO MONTHS? thankfully citimortgage sent me letters, which is how I found out and they said it was "exceptionally unusual."
And remember who was POA for the other person on my deed, right.  He was treated like a king that day, meanwhile, I was shoved in a closet!  True story.  I went to one of the detectives who worked our cases, and he looked into the domestic relations database and saw there was NO record of them TAKING BACK any of that $15g+ (they took back over $7g).  I tried to hire a lawyer, outside of the county as had been reiterated to us FOR YEARS by local LE, however, even HE laughed me out of the office.  Leaving me with the feeling that HE felt, if the "brotherhood" was doing this, I must have done something deserving of such treatment.  That something- I fought for my kid, and I am the chit head?  I think not. 

Again, what is it that I want - JUSTICE, and maybe A flipping PUBLIC apology from the county for what they've done to us. My kid, she wants MONEY.... she wants them all to literally, pay for what they have done.  But most of all, what I want are;


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