Sunday, May 7, 2017

What Did I Say?

Just as I said in my post of Father Arsenie Boca and MY 3 Fundamentals of Getting Yourself WELL, that MARIJUANA helped bring me to the "well-side," taking me, OFF that self destroying train of DEATH I chose to put myself on, AND CONDUCT I might add, WELL, today, in The Daily Caller, there is an article talking about how marijuana usage, HAS BROUGHT A 25% decrease in opiate usage FOR PAIN (or helped to see a decrease in pain meds usage for pain, I forget the exact wording, link will be below).

#1, what did I say helped me? (in the 3 Fundamentals.....)

#2, let's see MD's prescribing and getting people HOOKED on METHADONE  - for PAIN, people (violating everything a true MD should stand for).  Mind you, methadone is NOT something one just takes one time, it was created to ADDICT, to make the person physically non functional without it.  HENCE, leading to a decrease in desertion (for said creators at the time.  Ask any junkie at a clinic, they will tell you the truth of why it was created, like my subheader says, "THERE COMES A TIME.........").

#3, "they" the man, the establishment (which entails every part of the whole gaddamn system - law, medical, PHARMACEUTICAL companies, education, banks, etc) THEY DO NOT WANT YOU WELL.   You're living in a delusion if you believe that they do.  There IS NO MONEY TO BE MADE IN HAVING PEOPLE WELL.

I keep having moments of doubt, knowing, no one gives a chit about what I have to say.  HOWEVER, I have A LOT to say, and get frustrated because I cannot have my say.  Certainly not in my house, or with my own "loved ones."  So I AM going to continue writing here, when I deem fit, whether anyone reads it, likes it, or not.

I've learned a lot in my life.  Things which one cannot ever learn in a book.  And I am not ashamed. Nor, is it all "useless information, " as I get told, a lot, by mental inferiors (which never stops that comment from hurting my feelings).

Anyway, guys, gals, I hope you all have taken the time to say Father Arsenie Boca's Morning Prayer.  I have been, and it has been making me feel better.  We are all the only controller of our own lives.  Whether our thoughts are loving, about ourselves or not, will only stem from US.  Which also means, if you want to continue poisoning yourselves, allowing the man to maim you, you cannot blame them.  IT IS UP TO YOU.

Oh, one last thing, if you have read this blog, I made several posts about how "I love myself, and think I am awesome." When I wrote those posts,  those feelings were true Revelations for myself.  I am VERY comfortable looking in the mirror and saying something negative about myself, yet had and have a problem saying something positive.  Hence, what and why I wrote.  2017 - for me and all of you,  is all about positivity - creating the world around us that we want to be in, have.

Have a wonderful day.  And always, GODBLESS.


Father Boca's Morning Prayer

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