Thursday, May 11, 2017

Who Knew, "Am I Dying or is it Menopause," was Such a Popular Search? LOL *UPDATE*

Ok.  So as you all know, I am 41 year old woman, who had children in my early twenties and my last child 4.5 years ago, whom, might I add, I am still breastfeeding.

NOW, as you also know, I do not adhere to Western medicine, and sadly, our homeopathic took a hint after all of those other ones were murdered two summers ago, and split, to Oregon, (or washington, I forget).  Our other, local homeopathic MD, is a shyster, just as bad as a drug dealing md.  One cannot leave his office without $600+ dollars worth of his useless vitamins, so I avoid him like the plague.

Here's my issue.  And I have no one to ask, other than the internet - hence the title of this post.  Who knew? LOL  (why anyone would ever want to be a woman, unnecessarily, behooves me completely, as the chit we physically must carry, whether we want to or not, MY GOD!)  Am I dying or going through menopause?  I just don't know.  Is it cancer?  WHO KNOWS?  It definitely could be stress.  I had to scream at my retarded husband last Sunday, because - get this, we have to move, HE found a house, which he thought was perfect.  HOWEVER, HE, not me, has issues which hinder him (my only issue of moving is to a state which validates my vaccine stance, that is all).  HE, needs a first floor bedroom, AND a shower stall, not a tub shower, AND he wants an attached garage.   So why'd I yell?  What did he do?  HE REFUSED TO GO TO THE OPEN HOUSE!  I had went, saw there wasn't a bedroom on the main floor, though other options for him, he said, "Who cares, I will be good with it."  AH< the house we are in now, is perfect (specifically for him), yet he moved in sight unseen, and plays the victim card, every, chance, he gets ("I never chose this house," said in a high pitch squeal!).

WELL THANK GOD he went because he hated it.  HOWEVER, the way I had to SCREAM just to get him to go, and leave his room, was completely unacceptable.  AND THAT IS THE NORM AROUND HERE.  I've raised 3.5 kids (one I'm still raising), and I have NEVER had to yell, over such stupid chit, as I must do with him, and JUST TO GET A PERSON TO BUDGE!  It is absolute insanity.  I yelled so hard this past Sunday my ear drum felt like it burst, along with my veins on the side of my hairline!  No wonder my hair is almost all white!

Back to my "temple."  It is so hard to say if it is stress, which I have a lot of, and yet try to be cheerful, or as cheerful as I can be (not ignoring it, but by trying to deal with my issues and get over them, not dwell), OR is it simply that I am fading, my body is gearing up for stalling?  I did get my period at nine, so who knows, maybe it IS menopause.

Advice?  positive energy?  ALL WELCOME


UPDATE 15 may 2017

When I quit smoking tobacco, I went 100% raw food immediately, and felt wonderful.  Then, honestly, I began to slack, and forgot, though I still ate well, probably compared to most.  Nonetheless, I MUST get back on the wagon, as this (what is in that article) is exactly what is going on with me. I do feel better that it's not cancer, however, any sort of growth could turn via stress, and poison (gmo, etc), at least my theory.  

I had two shots already of a ginger & beet juice today, and although smelly, it sure was what my tongue craved.  I'll let everyone know how "it" goes.  Still taking a reprieve.  I cannot help anyone else, if I am falling apart myself. 

God, give me the strength to fight this fight, continue to grow and bear the desire to live.  In Jesus' name. Amen.

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