Saturday, May 27, 2017

Perfect Example of a Sheeptard updated

from the comments;

Nancy Coble · 
How is it that people get to claim exemption and put the rest of the kids at risk? If they want to claim exemption based on philosophical reasons, then home school your kids and if it's based on religious reasons, have your religion figure out how to educate them away from the general population. Way too many people pull on the exemption card out of laziness to take kids to the doctor or out of ignorance/laziness to educate themselves. Sadly, I've seen and heard of both those situations happening. Enough coddling bullsh***ers already and STOP risking the other kids' health to do so.

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Isn't the point of vaccinating your kid, that YOU then are "protecting" them?  So, why then the fear, and risk?  In all actuality, those vaccinated kids are at a much higher risk of spreading the diseases, and often, NON-ORGANIC ones at that, to the rest of the population!

This one, she's a genius in her own mind.  THANK YOU FACEBOOK.  Mio GOD.

UPDATED/ added thought

If anyone ever needs any "proof," in regards to the dangers of vaccines, share

That has the original report link, as well as another.
I don't do facebook, or I would handle it myself.

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